Megill Homes

The Megill Home Building Process

Megill Homes has learned a great deal about building fine homes during our more than 35 year history.  The only true measure of our success is how well we build your home. The task of building a new home involves great detail and coordination on your part and on our part. Megill Homes’ hands-on approach to customer care is designed to make the building process a pleasant and rewarding experience. We have one opportunity to build it right, and that's exactly what we intend to do. We will listen to your desires and concerns and act on them. Your home will be built with the attention to detail and dedication that meets your expectations and earns your respect.

  1. Site walk. 
    To create the home of your dreams you need to start with the land.  We realize that your homesite is the starting point of the process.  Whether you are looking at one of our exclusive property homesites or a homesite within a community, we want to make sure that you select the homesite that will fit your needs.  You will have the opportunity to walk homesites with a member of the Megill team to discuss your needs and the benefits that different homesites offer. 
  2. Lot Deposit. 
    Once you have determined which homesite best fits your needs, Megill offers a lot deposit option.  We feel this is a great option to utilize because we know that building a home is the largest investment you will make in your lifetime and should not be rushed before all of your questions are answered.  This fully refundable deposit takes your homesite off the market while you work with the Megill team on designing and pricing for your new home.  If for whatever reason you are not ready to move forward with building after all of your questions are answered, then you receive your deposit back in full and the homesite goes back on the market.
  3. Plan Design & Review.  After you have taken your homesite off the market with a lot deposit, you will work with the Megill Team to decide which home style will work for you.  During this time you have the option to customize our floor plans and elevations and price any options you would like in your home.  If you are building at one of our exclusive properties, this step may require more time if we are putting together your custom home.  After we have the design to your satisfaction and all of your options included, it is time to go to contract on your new home and start to think about all of the details and selections that are available.
  4. Selections & Schedule. 
    Building a new home can be an exhilarating and sometimes overwhelming experience.  Megill home buyers have the luxury of our knowledge and experience in building homes in any price range.  We will work through the selection process with you in stages that have been proven over the years to be very effective.  You will also have the opportunity to sit down with kitchen designers, tile and carpet specialist, lighting designers, and landscape designers to help you in creating your dream home.  We will map out the schedule of your home and assist you in preparing for your upcoming selections and make sure your home and settlement date stay on schedule.  We want your homebuilding experience to be enjoyable, not overwhelming.  We feel that giving the homebuyer the opportunity to chose their level of involvement with the selection process allows each homebuyer to create a truly unique home.
  5. Site walk-throughs. 
    Quality homebuilding for thirty-five years is what has anchored Megill Homes.  We have been using the area’s top contractors and suppliers for many years, but we know that the Megill employees that inspect the homes and work in the homes are what make the difference.  Our Project managers, site superintendents, and custom carpenters are all long term employees with a vested interest in the success of our company, which shows in the quality of our homes.  Homebuyers are encouraged to visit the site with our project manager to observe the actual construction process.  The personal attention our homebuyers receive is what sets us apart from our competition and something our homebuyers value during the building process for years to come.
  6. Settlement. 
    After all of your efforts in selecting the personal touches for your home, you will move into a new home that will exceed your expectations.  You will be oriented to your new home by the Project Manager before you take possession.  This is a great opportunity to see how all of the components and systems of your home work and how they should be maintained over the years.
  7. Warranty. 
    After your pre-settlement inspection and orientation you will have two more opportunities to review your home with our Project Manager on your 90 day and One Year post settlement inspections.  After the first year, your home is covered by Quality Builders Warranty, an outside warranty company back by Liberty Mutual Insurance.  The QBW Premier Protection Plan includes the one year builder’s warranty, two year systems warranty, and a ten year structural warranty, all of which are 100% transferable.